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Beginning in the 1950s and continuing through to today, "Made In China" combines an ambitious exhibition and documentary telling the story of the city’s Chinese community. The exhibition features artworks by Tom Cleaver and photography by Ly Yoong. In the documentary, you’ll hear first hand the experiences of people in the community, as they describe the journeys that led to where they are today.

Very little official research or documentation exists on the Chinese community and their heritage in Leicester, making the "Made in China" project an incredibly important resource for education and integration. With the generous help and support of De Montfort University Confucius Institute and the Chinese Elder’s Club, we were able to add personal stories to bring the data to life and tell a bigger story.

This extensive project is part of an ongoing initiative by Cosmopolitan Arts to break down cultural barriers between the Chinese and non-Chinese communities in Leicester, and encourage more people to learn about this fascinating, rich culture. The Chinese community is an important part of Leicester’s society, and we hope this project will represent their contributions and create a lasting legacy for the future.


To put this project together, we worked directly with the Chinese Community, assisted by artists, photographers, historians and a very talented group of young people.

Cosmopolitan Arts would like to thank:

Ly Yoong​

Tom Cleaver
Kitty and Maureen Tse
Pun Chan

John, Myra and Kwoklyn Wan

Heritage Lottery fund

De Montfort University Confucius Institute

Chinese Elder's Club ​

LCB Depot
Colab Creation


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